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Thai is a Career Strategist and owns a career coaching company and recruitment company. He has interviewed over 10,000 people and read over 500,000 resumes and knows what it takes to be headhunted. He's recruited for companies such as Computershare, Exxon Mobil and Telstra. He is a Monash Business School Mentor and has transformed thousands of people's careers from version 1.0 to 2.0 to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Thai Ngo

Career Strategist

Meet Your Lead Coaches

Iris is a leadership, attraction and manifestation strategist with 15 years leadership experience, author, Stevie Awards recipient and a Co- founder at You Want Group. As a Human Behavioral Specialist, Chinese Metaphysics Consultant and Monash business School mentor, Iris teaches the fundamental of the law of attraction to help you, your business and your team gain clarity and focus to set and achieve the goal you want.

Iris Du

leadership, attraction and manifestation strategist

Our passion is to help you find, create, develop and attract what you want in business, career and life. Our Founders are Leadership and Manifestation Strategist Iris Du and HR and Team Development Strategist Thai Ngo. We are a people first organiation that focuses on bringing out the best in people. Our vision and mission helps us create impact and change in lives, teams and organisations.


through our integrated professional coaching and networks.

What others are saying

“I have been selected for the role at ANZ and I start in September. Three cheers to your coaching and I have been so overjoyed since yesterday and feel on top of the moon. It’s a dream come true scenario for me!! I would like to take this opportunity to give you a big big thanks because, this would not have happened if I hadn’t joined your coaching. You are a wonderful person and an awesome Coach!”

Customer Settlements Officer at ANZ

Shilpa Sawant

“Thai provided me with all the resources, tactics and guidance; I required to market myself and pursue a successful professional strategy. You Want Careers sparked my drive and ambition to find the right career for me!!”

HRIS Specialist at Chaitech Engineering

Angelica Cardenas

“The success after Thai becoming my mentor is no coincidence, I only wish I was able to learn from him earlier! I’d recommend You Want Careers to all students struggling with their career direction while at university.”

Pension Administrator at State Trustees

Gayathri Jangman

“You Want Careers has trained me to become interview fit, succeeding through three rounds of interviews. My progression to the final stage is attributed to his coaching aptitudes which are bestowed within me, or years to come.”

Journey Expert, APRA Remediation Tribe at ANZ

Tamie Bui

“ I suggest come out and reach out to Thai and You Want Careers and don’t give up on yourself.”

Senior Fund Specialist at IOOF Holdings Ltd

Quang Nguyen

“You Want Careers has done a great job in being able to focus my communication skills to get the job I really wanted. I would also be a great fit for my new team as well.”