Course Description

Australia has one of the toughest interview processes.


Writing a resume to Australian standards, completing multiple interviews and having to build a network from scratch!

Many students and immigrants that come to Australia struggle for years to land a professional job. Many return back home because they can't get a job...

This course has over 70+ short videos that helps you prepare for what recruiters and employers look for in Australia. 

What you will learn?

  • How to prepare for a job in Australia

  • How to tailor your resume

  • How to answer behavioral interview

  • Personal branding

  • Career mindset

Meet your guide Thai Ngo

Hear from Thai Ngo, a Vietnamese immigrant who was a university drop out and became lost in his career. He was able to become a Recruiter. Now with 13 years experience, he has coached thousands of people as a Career Coach as well as a University Career Mentor for Monash University. He also owns a recruitment company in Australia.

This course is perfect for

  • Job seekers who want to prepare for a job in Australia

  • Professionals that want to move to up in their career and earn more money

Course curriculum

  • 01

    What Employers Look for When Hiring: A CEO’s Perspective

    • Introduction

    • The CEO Perspective- Meeting 2 CEOs

    • What skills will get you hired (P1)

    • What skills will get you hired (P2)

    • Does the education system get you a job?

  • 02

    Why You Must Have Your Own Brand

    • Introduction

    • What is personal branding?

    • Why having a personal brand won't get you hired

    • Before you negotiate for more pay, you need to know this

    • Why experience and qualifications are not enough to get you hired

    • Journey from university drop out to starting my own business

    • Why it is important to have a Personal Brand

  • 03

    How to Move Up in Your Career

    • Introduction

    • How I went from a factory worker to CEO

    • Are you on the right career path?

    • Career positioning: Are you talking to the right floor?

    • How to transition your career

    • Why stepping out of the comfort zone helps you get promoted

    • Your beliefs are disempowering you

    • 6 ways to add value to your employer

    • How to improve your business communication

    • How to improve your communication by pausing

    • How to increase your confidence

    • How to prepare yourself for an executive role

    • How to start a new job

    • When is the best time to look for a job

  • 04

    Resumes and Interviewing: The Essentials

    • Introduction

    • Why hiring a resume writer can do more harm than good

    • How to prepare for a digital video interview

    • What are the pros and cons of doing a video interview?

    • The key things you need to know before you go for a job interview

    • Everything you need to know about ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

    • How to answer 'Tell me about your weakness' question

    • How to answer 'what are your strengths' question

    • How to build confidence before an interview

    • How to increase your worth in interviews

    • How to read a job advertisement

    • How to stand out in an interview

    • How to talk about your achievements

    • How to transition to a new role or job

    • How to write your resume

    • Should I ask a question at the end of an interview?

    • Should I put a picture on my resume?

    • What is the difference been a HR interview and Executive Interview

    • What to do if you're nervous in interviews


  • 05

    How to Network to Success

    • Introduction

    • The key to networking with employers and recruiters

    • Why it is tougher to get a job

    • How to network for success

    • Why networking is really important

  • 06

    Changing Your Mindset to Become More Successful

    • Introduction

    • The three mindsets people have

    • Are you competent or confident?

    • Are you sabotaging your success?

    • Why having grit makes you more successful

    • There is no use changing the past

    • Why you must help yourself first

    • Change your words to change your confidence

    • How the story of John F Kennedy can help you in interviews

    • How to know if you are unhappy in your jobs

    • How to prepare for a redundancy

    • Unique Selling Points - how to sell yourself

    • Unlearn to lean - how to prepare for a step in your career

    • What to do if you are feeling stuck

    • Why working on yourself first is most important

    • Your ability to adapt to change will get you noticed

    • Life is like getting into a taxi

  • 07

    Why Getting a Career Coach can Accelerate Your Career

    • Introduction

    • Executive coaching versus graduate coaching

    • Why you need a career coach

    • What can a career coach do for you

  • 08

    AI and Technology

    • Introduction

    • Are robots taking over our jobs?

    • Are we lacking talent in the world?

    • Will technology replace you?

  • 09


    • Introduction

    • Company culture takes time to cultivate

    • How to hire the right person

    • Think beyond your company

    • Why saying ‘no’ is good for you

    • The secret to a successful is…

    • Engagement and Productivity

  • 10

    Case Studies

    • Practising Your Pitch

    • Story Exercises

    • Here's to Your Future Career...

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A special offer down from $24.99 for those looking to improve their skill set & land their dream job!